Is Your Windows 10 Up To Date?


Windows 10


Windows 10 is the fastest and easiest-to-use version of Windows yet. Designed for use on both computers and tablets, Windows 10 is also optimized for laptops with touchscreens.


Have you upgraded to Windows 10 yet? If you have, is it up-to-date?


Even though Windows 10 is the newest Windows operating system, it is also much more secure than previous versions. With the recent WannaCry ransomware virus scare, having your PC updated to the latest version of Windows 10 is critical.


If you don’t upgrade soon, you’ll need more than simple Windows 10 PC repair if the WannaCry virus attacks your computer. Fortunately, Microsoft has security patches to stop the virus.


The “Creators Update” version of Windows 10 started rolling out in April. This new update includes free 3D software, a “game mode,” and an improved Edge browser.


If you are not ready to upgrade to Windows 10 yet, you still need to patch your computer to make it secure from the WannaCry vulnerability.


Microsoft has offered the rare patch for its old software, including Windows XP, due to the extreme nature of the viral threat.


Whether you are upgrading an existing Windows 10 installation to the “Creators Update,” patching Windows XP, or looking to finally transition from Windows 7, you need an upgrade plan.


Always back up your data first, and plan your upgrade for a time when you won’t need the computer for a vital task. Give plenty of time for the Creators Update as it can take half a day depending on the system.


Once your update is done, you will need to check your system to make sure that all the drivers and software work properly.


Even though Windows has been updated, you might still have some viruses on the computer, so performing a thorough virus scan before and after a PC upgrade is a good idea.


To make your computer secure from the WannaCry virus, you need the latest version of Windows 10 or a patch for previous versions of Windows.


Windows 10 PC Repair in Davenport, FL


Sometimes, upgrading yourself doesn’t go as planned. Perhaps a driver didn’t install properly, or you are having network connection issues.


Sometimes avoiding the hassle of doing it yourself is worth it. Contact a trained PC repair professional to manage your Windows 10 upgrade for you – it will be worth it.


Here at PCMechanic Computer Repair, we can help you upgrade your systems and check to make sure they are virus-free. Give me a call. Click below.

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