New Computer Setup Davenport, FL

new computer setup davenport, florida

The new computer setup service will benefit those people who have just purchased a brand new computer and do not have the time or know-how of connecting all the peripherals together.

This service also addresses those individuals who have just moved to a new place and need help setting everything up as quickly as possible.

I will also spend time helping you get to know your new pc setup and using your new system.


“Jose is terrific. He repaired our old computer and when we bought a new one we knew we would have him set it up for us. He’s prompt, knowledgeable and very reasonable. We’d certainly recommend him.”–Phil & Ruth Snyder

New PC setup service is available for the following areas:

  • Davenport, FL
  • Four Corners, FL
  • Loughman, FL
  • Celebration, FL
  • Clermont, FL
  • Haines City, FL
  • Kissimmee, FL

Do you need help in setting up your new computer? Not sure how to bring it all together?

PCMechanic’s New Computer Setup of Davenport, FL will have your new computer setup running in no time.

new computer setup Davenport, FLSetting up a brand new computer is simple but not everyone has the knowledge to put it together.

The part that gets neglected the most after a new computer setup is properly configuring your operating system.

I remember the first time my wife and I got our new computer. The first thing we did after setting up our brand new computer was to connect to the Internet.

That was not the wisest thing to do in hindsight.

We didn’t bother to check for Windows updates or to see if we had anti-virus software. We didn’t even bother to create a factory backup.

The completion of these steps and others are crucial to a new computer setup. Security needs to be considered when setting up a new computer.

What a New Computer Setup Service Includes

PCMechanic Computer Repair in Davenport, FL will do the following:

  • Unpack your PC, attach all peripherals and make sure it boots up properly to desktop.
  • Create Administrator and User accounts.
  • Install anti-virus software. (PCMechanic recommends purchasing anti-virus software.)
  • Connect your PC to the Internet using Wi-Fi. (If a wireless router is available)
  • Connect a wireless printer.
  • Download and install Window’s updates.
  • Demonstrate how to create a system image and system repair disk.
  • Demonstrate how to schedule regular backups to an external hard drive.
  • Provide tutoring to get you started. (Windows 7, 8.1,10)

PCMechanic Computer Repair in Davenport, FL is here to help you with your new computer setup. Give me a call at:


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