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  1. After 2 yrs due to the covid pandemic i returned to my house in loma vista davenport, obviously different things needed to be updated.
    THE laptop okay, but getting it to print was a nightmare, until i called josie, and no doubt about it , this guy knows his trade inside out, He fixed it remotely, and it was no bother to him. This is the 4tb time i have had to call him over the last few years, and on each occasion i have had 1st.class service. I highly recommend using Josie.

  2. You won’t find any better!!!!
    I contacted Jose late on a Friday afternoon. Our community computer had crashed and we were out of business. He told me to bring it in the next morning. Not only did he diagnose the system motherboard was dead but even researched the best computer in the area to replace it with. Jose doesn’t sell computers, only repair. I bought the new one locally and, brought it to him and he transferred all our data from the old hard drive and we were back up running in one day. Extremely reasonably priced and i highly recommend him for any computer problem you may have.

  3. I have brought 2 computers over the last few months. Both were fixed quickly and were way less expensive than I expected. Jose explained things in layman’s terms so I was able to understand. Although I hope to not use his services again, he will be my first call for any and all computer issues. I highly recommend him.

  4. Jose was extremely knowledgeable and helped us to solve all computer issues.
    Someone we can trust and this is very important.
    We are grateful customers!

  5. Jose was the best. Very glad I found him and recommended him to all my neighbors and friends.

  6. Jose was very helpful and honest. Gave us advice and educated us more than any other IT ever did

  7. I was glad to have found PCMechanic on the Internet. The owner, Jose Ortiz, is very knowledgeable, personable and helpful.!!

    Not only is Mr. Ortiz good at his work, he also provided prompt service st a very reasonable price.

    I will definitely use PCMechanic again if the need arises and whole heartedly recommend him to anyone who needs computer repairs.

  8. I am thanking my lucky star for having found Jose at PC Computer Mechanic. He patiently listened to my computer problems and in 24 hours my computer was repaired and ready for pick up. He had me sit down in front of my computer to familiarize me with the changes. And all of this for a very reasonable price. My only wish is that I would have had his help many yeas ago.

  9. I am glad that I was able to find Mr. Ortiz when my gaming rig was having some problems…… he got me back up and running the very next day at a great price.

    He definitely doesn’t take advantage of his customers…..

    and when I decide to make some upgrades I will be contacting him for the work.

  10. I use the computer at church with a connection to overhead projector. Problem developed and the proj feature would not work.
    Jose fixed the problem and gave advice on how to avoid it in the future. He is truly a wonderful professional.
    Thank you Jose!!!

  11. I was from out of town and my laptopk screen broke. Jose ordered a new screen and replaced it for a reasonable price. THANKS for a job well done.

  12. I am visiting from Canada and I was hacked and locked out of my laptop. Dell was unable to rectify the problem without eliminating all data I took my problem to Jose and he was able to gain access and restore the computer without loss of data. He also cleaned the computer up and returned it to me within 24 hours, great job! I highly recommend him.

  13. I am over on vacation from England and on day 2 my laptop let me down.
    Luckily I found Jose who quickly and efficiently provided an answer for me.
    I have found him to be extremely knowedgable and solves problems without
    fuss.I wish he was in England for me.
    Altogether an experience that gave me peace of mind and saved my sanity.
    I would highly recommend Jose.

  14. A series of W10 updates left my PC essentially crippled with a 100% disk utilization rate, even when nothing was running. I worked on it for a month, researching it and applying various “fixes” to attempt to correct what was identified as a pervasive and difficult to solve problem. I finally gave up and thought about taking it to one of the service providers at Posner (Geek Squad, Staples, etc.), but was concerned about how long it would take and how knowledgeable they would be concerning this issue. After a friend mentioned hearing about a “local guy who is very knowledgeable and reasonable,” I called Jose and he said he could look at my PC that day. I took it to him and he proceeded to spend the next two and a half hours with me, working on both the utilization rate and a log in issue involving a dual address problem. I left it with him overnight to update my profile, picking it up the next day when he spent another hour with me going over all he had done and giving me tips to use in the future. He also analyzed and identified a weakness in my HDD, and although the PC is currently running well, I now know that my HDD is on the way out and will need to be replaced sooner rather than later.
    All this work was performed promptly, extremely professionally, and at a very reasonable cost. I especially appreciated the way Jose involved me in the process because he not only found and corrected the issues with my PC, but he also taught me numerous troubleshooting techniques to apply in the future. I would unhesitatingly recommend his services and will turn to him again for anything that requires expertise beyond what I already learned from him!

  15. Very happy i took my computer to PC Mechanic (Jose) within a few hours i got a phone call and was informed of the problem with my computer and next day had it back. What i like most was he took the time to explain things to me step by step and was not rushing me to take my computer and leave very professional and would take my computer again if anything go wrong and will definitely recommended his services.

  16. I took my computer in to Jose for repair and was extremely satisfied with his expertise. I was imagining having to purchase a new computer but Jose was able to repair mine and have it back to me within a few hours. If ever in need of a computer repair I highly recommend him.

  17. Jose is terrific. He repaired our old computer and when we bought a new one we knew we would have him set it up for us. He’s prompt, knowledgeable and very reasonable. We’d certainly recommend him.

    • I was really pleased to have Jose work on my computer again.
      Jose has done maintenance on my computer about four times now in the last four years. He knows what he’s doing. I like to keep my computer working efficiently so, he does a thorough cleaning of anything that makes my computer sluggish and/or at risk of threats…something I would not know to do myself. He responded to my calls promptly and always very pleasant.

  18. 10/23/2017
    I am a recorder( (Scribe) for meeting minutes. I created a five page document to produce to the executive staff . Today is Monday and my meeting was on the following Wednesday.
    For some reason I was unable to print my documents. I spent 5 hours trying to correct the reason for not being able to print. Needless to say I became very frustrated. Worrying what I was going to do with such short notice.
    I called a well known Company who does in house computer repairs. 4 times l was transferred to a different person and 4 times was cut off. Finally I talked to a person who told me the closest date for service was 5 days away.
    I looked on the net for a computer technician and came across PC Mechanic Computer Repair. I explained to Jose what my problem was and he was able to shadow my computer and fixed my problem within 25 minutes I had my printed document. What a relief. I was blessed to find such a knowledgeable technician and a person who did not take me to the cleaners. His rate to repair was unbelievable, Jose will be my Computer Technician for the rest of my life.
    Thank you so much Jose. People like you restore my faith in humanity.
    Sincerely; Tommy

    • Thanks for your kind words Tommy. I was able to remote into Tom’s computer and fix his printer problem. This is a common issue with Windows 10.

  19. Words cannot do justice to what Jose @ PCMechanic Computer Service has done for our family. Excellent reliable service, trustworthy, honest, all delivered with dedication to service to help. Fixed both my kids’ laptop computers and my computer with genuine service. My computer was a mess with a bad hard drive, cracked screen! Thoroughly explained what needs to be done, and after he fixed it explained and walked through it. Super knowledgable and will definately highly recommend him to anyone we know! Truly a blessing to have found Jose. Thank you!!! God bless.. We will be back.

  20. Half a day turnaround, can’t beat that, and the price was very fair, he did a GREAT job, I will recommend and use again when needed.

  21. Jose did a great job on both of my computer he explain everything that was wrong. In 1 day both computer were done. I definitely recommend Jose.

  22. Jose saved my daughters’ computer and me a lot of money. After she dropped it and the screen shattered we thought even the inside was damaged.
    Jose checked it out replaced the screen and gave me a very reasonable price. the best was that he completed the job in 3 days. i will definitely use him in the future and recommend him to family and friends.

  23. I contacted Jose to advise me on whether it was time to move on from my current computers, i.e. repair or toss. Not only did he give sound advice he also gave me the safest way to dispose of them. He also explained everything so that it made sense. He was able to save my data from the 2 black screens that I brought in! I will definitely come to him with any future computer issues I have. Forgot to mention that everything was done expeditiously and affordable. It is nice to meet an honest business person in this world. Thank you.

  24. Took my laptop to Jose to have it cleaned up and see if I had a virus on it. Took it in one day and he called me to tell me the problems he found. I am very happy with the results and recommend to all. Thank you Jose

  25. I highly recommend Jose, my computer was attacked just days from the tax filing deadline and I still needed to file my son’s taxes! I called Jose late in the day on a Thursday and he was able to clean up my computer for me the very next day! He also provided a lot of insight on ways to use my computer more efficiently. It means a lot to me to find someone knowledgeable and courteous and willing to provide prompt service.

  26. Excellent Service.
    Reconfigured my W10 computer, added more memory and got me access to all my old files and apps on my dead W7 computer.
    Highly recommended

  27. Professional, Knowledgable, Quick and most of all very helpful in what options you have and what they mean.The price was very good also. I would send my mother there!

  28. Jose fixed my problem coming on Saturday morning. Also tuned my computer and gave me valuable advise. Strongly recommend Jose If you have any computer issues.

  29. When my computer locked up I took it to Jose (PC MECHANIC) and he retrieved all my data, reinstalled it and cleaned up my computer so it would run faster. I dropped it off one day and it was ready the next. Great service and very knowledgeable. I will recommend him for all computer issues.

  30. 8/13/16
    Wanted my PC built for me safely and called PC Mechanic Repair and had him do it.
    After he started working on my PC, he quickly found out that the thermal paste i provided him was not up to his standard and to clean the CPU and re-apply his own thermal paste at no additional cost. He updated me by phone as he progressed with the build and when he finally finished, he ran tests and benchmarks to check the computers performance and check on the temperature for the parts. He took extreme care worked diligently on my computer to make sure it was in optimal condition when i would come to pick it up.

    Let me tell you, when i came in, i was very pleased with how clean and proper the inside of the case was. The cable management was beautiful and he arranged the fans for the case to provide excellent air-flow and cooling. After showing me what he had done, he also proceeded to tell me about useful programs to use AND he informed me on what to look for when buying certain computer parts. He answered all my question and was very helpful. To note, he also gave me all the spare parts (cables, etc) that were left over. (Some mechanics don’t do this and keep the remaining parts)

    I highly recommend his services.

    Bought following computer parts
    Case: Cosmos II Ultra Tower
    GPU: Zotac GTX 1080
    CPU: i7 6700k
    CPU Fan: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
    PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G2
    Ram: 4x8GB Ripjaws 4 Series
    Storage: Internal Solid State Drives
    Media: Internal Blu Ray Players

  31. Picked up my DELL at 11.00, discussed the start up problems with me and returned it fixed at 4.30. Explained what was wrong and how he remedied the problems. Gave me valuable hints on how to prevent more problems in the future. Excellent professional service.

  32. Jose was very courteous and helpful, he had to take the PC away due to the poor condition but had all problems resolved and the PC back and running in our house the same day. Would highly recommend PC Mechanics. July 16, 2016 Mark ChampionsGate.

  33. I first talked to Jose over the telephone. Jose could have had me bring my laptop into his shop and charged me whatever he liked to fix it. Instead Jose not only diagnosed my problem but walked through trouble shooting and fixing my problem all over the telephone. Jose spent close to thirty (30) minutes on the phone with me and when I offered to pay him for his time he refused!

    That was about six (6) months ago. Fast forward to now and my new laptop’s keyboard isn’t working properly. Jose ordered the parts (without a deposit), got them delivered right away, and had my laptop ready in less than 72/hrs. And he didn’t charge more than the quoted amount.

    Jose is truly a God send and a man of integrity and character.

    Thank you…

  34. Jose, You are Amazing!!!! My computer was receiving script errors. I had never even heard or seen this before. I called Jose and right away he new what to do. Cleaned up some things that should not have been on my laptop and Voila, all set. Thank you Jose once again for all your help, knowledge and kindness. God Bless you and your family!

  35. Jose Ortiz
    Being from the UK and spending several months a year in Florida it is essential that I have a good computer technician to help me when my UK set up computer does not perform to a good standard. This trip I have had several operating problems which Jose Ortiz has sorted out for me. He is reliable, honest and provides an excellent service and I have no hesitation in recommending him.
    The one time I had a structural problem with the computer I had the parts sent from the UK and Jose was honest enough to say it may be beyond what he could do and I should go to Toshiba trained staff in Orlando. I appreciated his honesty in not taking on that particular job and if it went wrong leaving me in the lurch.
    I will certainly be using him again, if needed, as my first port of call.
    Richard H.
    Davenport and the UK

  36. Jose was extremely helpful recently when we had a nasty malware attack. Totally trustworthy and spent a long time with us talking through various issues and how to protect ourselves going forward. Thank you very much Jose. Have already recommended you to a friend of ours. Sue & Alan Stephens

  37. Between myself and my family, we have had many occasions where we needed a computer technician. Jose is the best we ever had. He is prompt in responding to my call, available very quickly and resolves the problem in a single visit. I have used him four times for four different machines over the last four years. While he is very technically knowledgeable he describes the problem and his actions in layman’s terms that I understand. While I have not needed it, I feel is an honest person and I would be comfortable with him taking my machine with him to fix. I recommend Jose for anyone who needs help the computer installations or problem fixes

  38. All you have to do is read the numerous positive testimonials. They are all true! I found Jose online and after reading the positive comments I decided to ask him for help with my crashed hard drive. He was quick to reply, got the computer issues taken care of with expertise, saved me from purchasing a brand new computer (saving me $100’s of dollars) and got it up and running in a very short time. He is the very BEST computer doctor I have ever had. I will call him anytime I have a problem.
    PS My son also needed a computer fix so he had Jose work on his as well and he was also very pleased with Jose’s positive personality, the quaility of service and the very reasonable price.

  39. Jose is the best computer repair tech in the area. Fast, courteous and not overpriced. Most of all he does excellent work and knows how to treat his customers. Fixed my desktop and now its working just fine. Thanks Jose!

  40. I’m so grateful I found you. He was able to salvage some personal pictures and videos of my family from my hardrive when my motherboard got destroyed. He also communicated to my 11yr old son the importance of using a guest account to download online content to prevent viruses from attacking the admin account. Who knew you could put a piece of a laptop in an oven haha! Thank you for doing a great job with our computers. We’ll be back

  41. I was scammed by two Indian gentleman claiming to be from Microsoft. Informed me my computer had been hacked. Before I paid any monies to them for a “quick repair” the connection was lost. PC Mechanic saved the day with a very prompt and professional
    check out of the computer. Great personality with the added talent of teaching you along the way on some of the finer points of computer care. Highly recommended.

  42. We brought an old Dell laptop down from Concord, NC with us and the keyboard wasn’t working. We thought while we were in Davenport, FL, we would find a repair shop. We found a super one in Jose. I took the old Dell in on Thurs, got a very reasonable estimate and left it. Tues, Jose called and said it was fixed at a lower price. Jose is a superb pc technician, friendly, honest and if we have any computer problems while we’re in FL, JOSE WILL DEFINITELY GET THE BUSINESS! HE IS GREAT!!!!

  43. Jim Raycroft

    Found Jose through an internet search looking for a PC tech. I wasn’t disappointment he explained what needed to be done to replacement my laptop screen, he was personable and professional and you cannot beat the quality of work or the price. 5 star rating!!!! Thanks Jose.

  44. Jose has fixed both of my computers to a point where they run like they are brand new out of the box. Also his customer service is superb. I will always go to him for my computer needs!

  45. Not afraid repaired dental scanner pc good personality and honest would highly recommend AL pine west davenport fla.

    • Just picked up my computer from Jose. He did a fantastic job in replacing the keyboard 2 days earlier and at a lower price than quoted. He is an honest, professional technician and I would highly recommend him.

  46. I wish there was an icon to indicate “two thumbs up”! That is how much I think of Jose Ortiz and the service he provides! I found PCMechanic searching the internet, called him and discussed the problem and then Jose took over. I am next to computer illiterate but Jose never let on if he recognized that issue. He asked the questions he needed to ask, researched and fixed and repaired my computer—all in a timely manner….and all at a price that didn’t drain my bank account. Here’s the best part–I learned a thing or two! If you are looking to find someone who is smart, resourceful, God-fearing and just a wonderful human being, well then, Jose is your man. Thank you, Jose. I am glad I met you.

  47. Jose is the best! I have been to the big name stores and all they wanted to do was sell me a new computer and charge me to move my files. Jose backed up my files to a hard drive I already had and showed me how to restore my system and accounting software on a laptop I already owned. He’s very knowledgeable and patient. I appreciated all he did for me and he was very reasonable priced.

  48. I have to admit that I was a sceptic about it, but Jose did an amazing job on my CPU. Not only did he fix the problem, but he has my computer running better than when I first bought it. He’s legit and very knowledgeable in his field. I’ll go to him before any overpriced big market names. He guided me through the whole process, and my family is back on track with any internet information. He’s a professional and his work ethic is superb.

  49. Our computer issue seemed daunting as the screen was broken and wouldn’t boot up. It’s a favorite so we didn’t wan to part with it. At first it appeared we were going to have to, but Jose persisted and I am now typing this testimonial on it! Glad to read of all the other issues that have been happily resolved because it is nice to have a reliable Computer Guy. John and Carmen

  50. Hi Jose, you worked on my Mac about a month ago
    I took it too Apple. They didn’t give me a definitive
    answer. They were pushing me too get a ” New ” computer.My husband recommended Jose’ all my Mac needed was a hard drive. He picked one up for
    me.Installed it,copied all my info and I’m up and running. Nothing was left out. Thank you Jose
    I highly recommend Jose, Thank you Jose

  51. Jose’ has worked on my pc and my wife’s Mac
    we couldn’t be happier. His prices are extremely
    fair.Jose’ is very knowledgeable. I’m very glad and satisfied with his work.I would recommend Jose’ in
    a heartbeat. He always has time for questions and makes you think …what’s best for your computer.
    He’ll give homework so you can learn about your
    computer. Thank you Jose’ for all your help. God bless you

  52. I would like to add that I (in a weak moment) downloaded Windows 10 and immediately found it was not for me. Of course I called Jose and asked if he could help me get back to Windows 7. It was quite a task but he figured everything out and did a marvelous job restoring everything that had been removed from my computer. He is the BEST.

  53. We brought in our computer due to the hard disc malfunctioning, and since we brought it to you we haven’t had any problems with it anymore. Also, very helpful helping me though the phone to be able to get my program for college. You are truly the best, Thank you very much !!!!

  54. Josea Ortiz is a very competent, knowledgeable, honest man. He has solved all my unusual situations on my computer. I highly recommend him to anyone who has a computer problem….he can fix it and solve all your problems. He gives a very personal touch to his work.

  55. Jose repaired a desk top and a lap top that was badly invaded with virus and malware. He seemed very knowledgeable and he was very nice, the price was reasonable. I am very happy I found him.

  56. I would like to thank Jose for his expert advice as he has helped me out with several problems on MacBook and PC. His knowledge has saved me agreat deal of time and expense. Jose is my first choice for solving IT problems!

  57. Thank you sooooo much Jose, your help was greatly appreciated. I had computer problems and am glad I found Jose. Took computer in yesterday and picked it up today. He is so knowledgeable, courteous, and careing. Sure glad I found him. I highly recommend Jose. Will recommend him to all. Thank you again Jose.

  58. I was very lucky to find Jose. My laptop was really giving me problems. He picked it up and brought it back same day. he even called that night to make sure everything was resolved. I moved from an area that had many “computer repair” people but none of them as knowledgeable and nice as Jose

  59. Fast service, reasonable pricing. Despite having to order parts he repaired two laptops within a week time frame. Professional and informative. I will be back in the event that I have any other issues.

    – Tommy

  60. Lucky was the day when I found Jose Ortiz. The first thing that impressed me was his fast response to my email. My computer was invaded with a ransom virus and after several emails, I made an appointment for Jose to come to the house. He arrived promptly and handed me his card before he came inside. His personable manner and knowledge set me at ease immediately. Jose spent four hours at my house and during that time he taught me so much. I am very unskilled with using a computer but Jose explained things to me in a way that i understood. I found him to be friendly, smart, well versed and very very patient. He got rid of the virus, gave me anti-virus protection and set up a schedule for me to run virus scans daily and weekly. I have since emailed him with questions and again, his fast response still impresses me.

    I would recommend this man to anyone who has a computer issue. I will never let anyone work on my computer except Jose Ortiz…

  61. I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with Jose at PC mechanic computer repair. It’s been refreshing to deal with a company built on HONESTY, PROFESSIONALISM, and REASONABLE PRICES. Many of us aren’t as computer savvy as we would hope to be, which leaves us vulnerable to services like Geek Squad at Best Buy, who offered to fix my computer for $670 (that’s $30 shy of the original price I paid for the brand new computer). I decided to do my research and call computer repair services in the Orlando, Kissimmee, and Davenport areas, which lead me to the best price. I’m so happy that I took my business to Jose. He was very helpful in communicating what needed to be fixed. I was pleasantly surprised with the price he charged and how quickly my computer was repaired and ready to use. I ended up paying a fraction of what Best Buy quoted me for($117 vs $670!!!). Please take my advice. If you need any computer services done contact Jose first. Dint get riped off anywhere else. This is one of very few computer businesses who wont take advantage of its customers. Excellent service!

  62. jose does it again ….just can’t beat his know how and advice. got brighthouse to replace their router/modem as he suggested and our laptops are back humming along.


  63. KNOWLEDGEABLE, EXPERIENCED, FRIENDLY & REASONABLE….these are just a few attributes which immediately come to mind as I recall the services rendered by Jose Ortiz. After I carelessly dropped my expensive laptop computer in the winter snow, and couldn’t get the computer to power-up I thought the end of the road had come to my laptop. But then Jose came to my rescue and fixed it in no time flat for a very reasonable fee. Very Impressive.

  64. You can trust Jose with all your computer needs. He is reliable, knowledgeable, and dependable. He’ll explain everything to you before he does it and reviews it with you after its all done. You are never left in dark. He has helped with my desktop and laptop in the past 2 years and I am very satisfied with the results. Thanks again Jose

  65. Jose is truly a warm and wise businessman. It was truly an experience. He has an abundance of knowledge which is reflected when he explains every step of the way what exactly he is doing. If he encounters a problem your the first to know. If it something that he doesnt know or understand he wont waste your time or overcharge you for something you dont need. I was quite impressed and will be building my next computer with him.. Thanx again bro!

  66. I am very thankful to Jose Ortiz for helping me to restore my computer. I am sure glad I found him! He has been so helpful, dependable and patient, he is also very honest and his prices are very reasonable. I will certainly recommend him to anyone needing computer help.

  67. Trust is the first priority for us as we quickly learned that Jose was prepared to show us and offer a copy of his license. He was so knowledgeable, professional and most of all courteous. His well manner and expertise reflect greatly on his work performed. He cleaned-up our personnel computer that was full of junk, running slow and about to crash. We now have clear instructions on how to keep our system clean and safe. THANK YOU MR. PC Mechanic

  68. February 2, 2015 – my laptop had a significant malware problem which prevented me from navigating the Internet. Jose was able to identify and eliminate all of the malware. In addition, he terminated and eliminated dozens of worthless programs that were running constantly in the background which severely slowed the speed of my laptop. He also created a written daily and weekly maintainence plan for me to prevent future malware problems. Outstanding same day service!!!! Jose’s expertise is off the charts and he explained everything he did and everything that he wanted me to do in very understandable terms. Thank you Jose for getting me back up and running.

  69. I am very thankful to Jose Ortiz for helping me to restore my computer. I am sure glad I found him! He has been so helpful, dependable and patient, he is also very honest and his prices are very reasonable. After restoring my computer the first time I had to call him on two separate issues which he did not charge me for and he was just as helpful and courteous as the first time. I will certainly recommend him to anyone needing computer help.
    Thank you, Jose.

    Diane, Davenport,FL

  70. I had a great experience letting Jose repair not one but both of my laptop computers. I would highly recommend him all my friends.

  71. Jose was just wonderful… He was prompt, courteous, informative, intelligent and knew what he was doing. He spent much time fixing my computer and I could not ask for a better representative to service my computer. I would definitely recommend Jose to fix your computer and would definitely use him again. A gem in the computer “pc fixing” business. Use him You will not be sorry

  72. I am a returning customer, ranging from my laptop screen repair to virus removal and data management. I highly recommend the PCMechanic. Skilled, Quick, and a Professional.

  73. I was pleased to find Jose here in Davenport. I had a virus and pop ups. My computer was running bad. I tried to download and fix my self it got worse. I called him next day he was here my computer runs terrific. I’m so pleased with the service and the price!
    Would give an A-1 reference and recommend him.

  74. Jose is the best in his field. He was able to bring my PC back to factory condition after I hit the wrong button while i was browsing the internet & completely crippled my PC.

    Highly recommend him.

    Great job & great prices.

  75. During my camping visit in Florida , we had some PC problems .Good that I found fast the website from PCMechanic .Jose Ortiz has the knowledge and the commitment to support , fast and to an price which you can understand and can agree.
    Jose Thanks a lot for the support and the short turnaround . Many Greetings from Michigan – carlo

  76. Mr.Ortiz helped me save a lot of money when my son had trouble finding out why his computer wasn’t working and within hours the problem was diagnosed and he could have easily charged me a substantial amount of money.I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.

  77. Pc mechanic is my first choice when my desktop or laptop is in need of repair, I have always received prompt, courteous and professional service.no matter if it were hardware or software issues jose’s knowledge and experience has always gotten me back up and running.but just as important as his technical skills jose is honest and credible, anyone I know with computer issues I refer to pc mechanic because I know they will get great service at a reasonable price!
    ps. Ihave yet to take a computer back to jose for the same issue!


  78. When my laptop suddenly stopped working I knew I was in for a long, expensive, and frustrating experience that would end with lost files and pictures. After checking around I found Jose at PC Mechanic and was back up and running with minimal stress! Jose diagnosed the problem (a crashed hard drive) and had the new hard drive installed in a matter of a few hours.
    My story doesn’t stop there…After reinstalling my files I found several items were missing but accepted as just “one of those things.” Jose however was not satisfied and the next day he called to say that he had spent the previous evening trying to figure out what had happened and found ALL of my documents and pictures! Within a couple of hours we had everything back and running as if nothing had happened with one exception…Now my laptop works faster, has more virus protection and all of this was done at NO EXTRA CHARGE!!!!
    In today’s world finding a trustworthy tech guy is more difficult than finding an honest mechanic and with Jose I have found an honest, ethical, and caring mechanic…The PC Mechanic!

  79. The best service I have ever had, please come back to England as I can not find anyone as helpful, courteous as the service I have received today.

  80. May 11, 2013 Through Searching The Net! So Happy I Did, He Was a Very Helpful And informative PC Mechanic!

    • I have to say that I’m more than pleased with the professionalism and knowledge from PCMechanic. I brought my computer for a diagnosis and I was able to leave it the same day. Next day it was up and running like new. I also received some great advise regarding antivirus and some other hints that others would not disclose. Thank you José for your assistance!

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