Hi, my name is Jose Ortiz and I am the owner of PCMechanic Computer Repair Company. If you are looking for a computer repair company in Davenport, FL. look no further. PCMechanic Computer Repair is the company you can trust with your computer repairs.

PCMechanic Computer Repair is a licensed computer repair company operating in Davenport, FL. I also offer services to the following areas: Four Corners, Loughman, Celebration, Clermont, Haines City, and surrounding areas.

My passion for technology began in 1998 when my wife and I bought our first computer. My very first attempt at upgrading our computer was to add more memory. This was the first time I got to see the inside of a computer. I was very nervous and scared of making a mistake. At the same time I was amazed by all the circuitry, cables, and components that made up this technological wonder.

I successfully installed one stick of RAM. The computer started up and recognized the added memory. I felt so empowered by this that I began to acquire as much knowledge about repairing and upgrading PCs. I love working with my hands and troubleshooting computers. It is a great feeling to help customers get their PCs working again.

PCMechanic Computer Repair Company is a locally owned and operated computer repair company in Davenport, Florida. My computer repair company opened for business in October 2012. I am a certified computer repair technician trained in computer diagnostics and troubleshooting.

My Computer Repair Company’s Goal

The primary aim of PCMechanic Computer Repair Company is to provide affordable, fast and friendly computer repair services. My computer repair company is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction and helping people with their computer repair problems by providing outstanding personal service. I will take care of all your computer repair needs and give you the highest quality customer service experience.

My computer repair company also provides a mobile computer repair service with fast on-site service and response for your convenience. This service is only available for computer repair problems which take less than 3 hours to fix. Mobile service will be provided for Davenport, Four Corners, Loughman, Celebration, Clermont, Haines City, Kissimmee,  and surrounding areas.
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