Three Computer Repairs Myths that Are Costing You Money

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When you start experiencing computer problems and tried everything recommended in Google to no avail, it might be tempting to pitch it and buy a new one. But hold on! Just because your computer is having problems doesn’t mean it is not repairable.

We’re going to break down the computer repairs myths out there and show you why you should try having your PC fixed before buying a new one.


Busting Computer Repairs Myths

There are a lot of myths out there about the efficiency and viability of PC repair. Like all myths, they don’t hold up to the facts.


1. Having Computers Repaired Is More Expensive Than Buying

Not only is buying a new computer expensive, but it’s also usually unnecessary. Would you instead spring for the sticker price of a brand-new computer or have it fixed for a nominal fee?

If your computer is around three to four years old, a repair below half the price of a new machine can be still worth it. Consider diagnosing the problem first. You may be surprised that it may cost less to fixed than you imagined.


2. You Have to Destroy Your Computer Every Time You Get a Virus

When your PC has a virus, it can do all kinds of wonky stuff. While it can be disconcerting, you should have it checked out and fixed instead of throwing it away. Even if you throw it away, the data stolen can still end up costing you. Do the smart thing and take it to a professional.

Sometimes, there won’t be any visible signs that malicious code is running in the background. Like vehicles, PCs should be brought in for tune-ups where infections and other problems can be detected proactively. 


3. You Don’t Need to Turn to a Professional

Another common misconception is that you don’t need to have your PC repaired professionally. It might seem like a bright idea to let your young friend, neighbor, or relative work on your computer.
Unfortunately, this can go wrong.

Without the equivalent deep understanding of PC hardware, your young friend can end up exasperating the problem and making it worse. What would have cost you around $80 to fix can end up costing three times as much to replace. Incidents like this can ruin friendships and strain family relationships. These kinds of problems are yet another reason why it’s best to stick with a professional.



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